Really Rich Colleges In America

Johns Hopkins University

Starting off our list of really rich colleges is Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore. While it may not be an Ivy League School, Alumni from Johns Hopkins University have gone on to do great things in their fields.
They have shown their love to Johns Hopkins by giving them an endowment of about 3.5 billion dollars, which is a lot of money.

New York University

By now, New York University is undoubtedly nearly as famous as the city that it is named for. With all due respect, they do somewhat deserve their fame as they provide a really high quality education to their students.
They also charge over 65,000 Dollars per year in tuition, which makes it one of the most expensive colleges in America.

Vanderbilt University

Located in Nashville Tennessee, Vanderbilt University is where some of the rich families of the south send their kids to college.
It figures, as Vanderbilt is one of the best schools in the south. Vanderbilt University also has an endowment to match its reputation, and the college has in excess 4 Billion dollars in savings. Not a bad number at all.

Dartmouth College

Our first Ivy League college on the list is Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. While it was originally founded to educate Native Americans, it has obviously strayed away from that mission, and provides one of the best college educations you can get in America.
As such they need that 4.5 billion dollar endowment. They also charge 65,000 dollars a year in tuition, so no bargain here.

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a very interesting place, it is the only college I know of whose most famous reject is its biggest donor. Now if I were them I wouldn’t be proud of that fact, but Steven Spielberg has contributed a lot to their 4.5 billion dollar endowment.
The University of Southern California also charges an arm and a leg for tuition, which is currently set for 62,000 dollars a year.

Cornell University

Cornell University is located in the frozen wasteland of Ithaca New York. Cornell is considered to be perhaps the easiest Ivy League school to get admitted to, but the toughest one to stay in. Many people flunk out every year.
Cornell University also has an endowment of over 4.6 Billion dollars.

Rice University

Rice University is in Houston Texas, and aside from being an excellent research school, Rice University is well renowned for having a great football team.
With that being said, it is completely understandable that the school spends part of its 5.5 billion dollar endowment on the football team every year.

University of Chicago

Many famous people have graduated from the University of Chicago, one of them, Bernie Sanders, is even campaigning to become our next president.
With that being said, the University of Chicago is an excellent school, and its alumni include many leaders in their fields. The University of Chicago has a healthy endowment of over 6.5 billion dollars.

Washington University

Located in Saint Louis Missouri, not in Washington D.C. Washington University is one of the best schools that you can attend if you decide to go to school in the Mid West. Their medical school is particularly well regarded for the quality of its graduates.
Washington University has an endowment of nearly 6.75 billion dollars.

Emory University

Located in Atlanta Georgia, Emory University has an excellent program for the sciences, especially the life sciences. Emory University has traditionally been one of the better schools in the south, and because of it will charge you about 62,000 dollars a year.
They also have a chunky endowment of about 7 billion dollars.

Duke University

Duke University is well known for its excellent sports programs. Their football team is one of the best in the country, and the rest of their teams are just as feared in their respective sports.
Duke Chapel
With that being said, if you want to go to Duke, you have to pay up to the tune of nearly 65,000 dollars a year

Northwestern University

Located in Evanston Illinois, Northwestern University is a pretty good school. The quality of its graduates are excellent, but that is pretty much to be expected.
Northwestern University charges a cool 65,000 dollars a year for tuition, and has an endowment of 7.5 billion dollars.

University of Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are downright terrifying if you face them on the field, I know I would be scared. With that being said, having great sports programs has to cost something, which is where the University of Notre Dame’s endowment of over 8 billion dollars comes in.
The University of Notre Dame also charges over 62,000 a year for tuition.

Columbia University

Columbia University is a very special Ivy League School. It is special because it is the only one located in the middle of New York City. With that being said, it has some of the best business and economics programs in the country.
Cont. Ed. Class & Campus Photos
Columbia University also has an endowment of over 9.2 billion dollars.

University of Pennsylvania

Founded by none other than the great Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania has been providing Philadelphians with a great education since before the United States was founded.
With such a grand reputation comes a grand endowment, and the University of Pennsylvania has an endowment of over 9.5 billion dollars.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been a mecca to geeks and nerds for many years now. Aside from the stereotypes, MIT is one of the best universities in the world for engineering and technology, and it certainly merits its nearly 12.5 billion-dollar endowment.
As you expected MIT is also pricey, and they charge about 61,000 for tuition.

Princeton University

Princeton and Harvard have always had a rivalry, both of them are excellent schools, but Princeton has a habit of trying to out do Harvard.
Sadly when we look at Princeton’s endowment we realize that they have failed yet again, as they only have a paltry endowment of 20.5 billion dollars.

Stanford University

Aside from providing students with a good education, Stanford University’s location couldn’t be better as it is basically smack down in the center of Silicon Valley.
With that being said, many technology entrepreneurs have come out of Stanford and they all donate quite generously to the tune of 21.4 billion dollars in the endowment.

Yale University

Yale University is mostly known for being second best to Harvard. For all Yale Alumni reading this, don’t take this poorly, as yale is still one of the best schools in the world. Yale is also a really rich school with an endowment of 23.6 billion dollars.
Sadly they still have to charge for tuition, which will cost you a hair under 64,000 dollars.

Harvard University

Harvard University is arguably the best college in the world. Many world leaders can be found under the Harvard University Alumni Wikipedia page.
Harvard is the wealthiest school in the world, and their endowment of 36.4 billion dollars positively dwarfs all of the others.