Why would you advise others to take your favorite college course or leave it completely alone?

From my own personal experience, the course that I have always considered my most favorite has to be the degree  that I took at college. With this in mind I  feel qualified to provide advice for anyone who may be considering business and to also point out why this may not be the right course for others.


When you first consider taking a degree in business it is important that you consider your  intent  and  goals.  It  is  true  that  the  vast  array  of  business  skills  and  topics  that you  learn  will  lead  to  almost  all  careers  whether  inside  or outside  of  the  world  of business.  Therefore,  in  order  to  make  the  most  of  a  business  degree  it  is  imperative that you know what you want to do with it.

Business  has  been  at  the  heart  of  society  forever,  with  the  exchange  of  goods  the cornerstone  of  our  development  into  civilizations  and  the  emergence  of  the  modern world, and business shows no signs of letting up. In fact, it is quite the opposite as it stands at the forefront of progress and innovation. Business is ultimately the  link to the past and guide to the future.

Interests and Goals

In  the  same  way  as  any  other  degrees  there  are  a  number  of  things  that  you  should consider.  Probably  the  two  most  important  considerations  should  be  your  interests and goals. Yes, these are important regardless of what you choose to study, however, their   importance   is   far   higher   with   a   business   degree   as   it   is   such   a   broad qualification that you need some direction simply to avoid you getting lost along the way.

Therefore,  the first thing you need to address is why you are interested in business? It may be that you find the subject alluring or the fast paced lifestyle that it can offer. You may be looking to gain placement in a job that sees you travelling the world, but whatever your reasons you need to realize your career goals. Do you want to run your own  business  or  are  you  happy  to  work  your  way  to  the  top  of  a large  corporation? There  is  a  plethora  of  options  in  various  business  fields  that  almost  any  personal vision  can  be  satisfied.  So,  think  about  whether  a  business  degree  is  right  for  you, think particularly about your goals and interests and make sure that these align with studying business as opposed to other degrees.

Why business?

What  can  you  exactly  gain  from  a  business  degree?  American  graduates  with  a business degree can fulfil the real American dream, with the US being built on ideas of  business  start-ups  this  remains  one  of  the  motivational  factors  for  the  US,  and  a business  degree  will  certainly  give  you  an  instant  advantage over  the  competition. Although  building  or  running  a  business  takes  a  certain  amount  of  natural  talent, arming yourself with business management knowledge can propel your talent to the next level.

Additionally,  a  business  degree  is  relevant  and  understood  anywhere  in  the world. The  exchange  of  goods  happens  worldwide  meaning  that  technically  you can you’re your business degree and skills wherever you want. Part of the appeal about business has to be where  it  takes  you,  and  a  business  degree  will  provide  you  with a skill set that can lead to a wide variety of careers in and out of the world of business.

If  you really need more reasons  why you should  study for a business degree, the following may help you to seek clarification:

  1. The  business  degree  program  teaches  problem  solving  and  critical  thinking  that ranges  from  sorting  out  marketing  mishaps  to  budget  balancing.  The  way  in which you are taught will result in your mind becoming sharper and quick to deal with situations and make immediate decisions regarding resolutions.
  2. Whilst  business  may  appear  to  be  nothing  more  than  an  exchange  of  goods,  it  is the  numbers  behind  this  process that  are most important.  Having  knowledge  of statistics and economic formulas are what allow businesses to gain the most from their production models.
  3. The  business  degree  teaching  communication  skills  and  as  no  business  can operate  completely  with  one  person  and  it  will  also  fail  if  there  are  no  clients  or consumers.  For  these  reasons  people  skills,  negotiation  and  hospitality  skills  are all vital when it comes to running a modern business.
  4. The business degree will equip you with the skills to engage in in-depth research. All successful businesses take in both their physical and economical surroundings so that they can maximize production and profit. But if you do not know what the world needs there is very little chance that you can help to make it.
  5. The  best  business  degrees  will  encourage  creativity  and  the  development  of  this further.

The  real  benefit  of  all  of  the  skills  that  one  learns  when  taking  a  business  degree  is that the skills are applicable to a vast majority of careers. Therefore, if you find that you keep asking yourself why should I study business, remember that this is a degree that is perfectly suited to assist you in almost any career.