My Delectable Food Journey Around Europe

I’m a big foodie, but also a fussy eater, which makes it hard for me to find food experiences that I thoroughly enjoy. Why does everything have to be served in a mushroom sauce?! Eugh. Saying that, I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair bit around Europe and taste some of the incredible things on offer from different countries.


Turns out, I like European food more than any posh restaurant in the UK (sorry fellow Brits). I thought I’d take you on a little food journey around Europe, to enjoy some of the most incredible culinary experiences I’ve ever had.

Greek Island Tavernas

Everyone who knows me knows that Greek food will always have a special place in my heart. Even when I’m at home you’ll frequently see me tucking into Greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast, Greek salads for lunch, and some kind of mediterranean vegetable heavy dinner. It’s supposed to be pretty good for you too, so it’s a win-win situation. However, if you’ve been to Athens and didn’t find the food all that great, you’re really missing out. Instead of focusing on the big cities or the tourist-filled islands, widen your reach a little. Find a smaller, less Brit-tourist themed island that doesn’t just serve Full English Breakfasts and omelettes, to appease the visitors. Even if you’re are on a touristy island, you’ll still be able to find restaurants that are frequented predominantly by the locals. This is where you’ll experience some seriously incredible Greek food. Look for those by any fishing area, if you’re a fish fan. What the Greeks tend to do is sell their latest catches to the nearest restaurant, which means you’re guaranteed fresh fish every day. Kleftiko, which is slow roasted lamb, potatoes, vegetables and rice, is also a must-have. Don’t forget homemade tzatziki with big bits of cucumber and real garlic lemon kick. And finally, a side of Greek Salad with a huge lump of feta and homegrown olives. You can’t get much better than that!

Bruges Christmas Market

I have a bit (okay, a lot) of a sweet tooth. When I found out we were going to Bruges as a surprise for my birthday, the only thing I could think about was the chocolate. Belgium is renowned for its incredible chocolate, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice visiting the little town of Bruges whatever time of year. However, if you can, try and get yourself over there when the Christmas market kicks off; usually around the end of November until the beginning of January. The food and drink during this time really ups its game, with dozens of little stalls selling everything your heart desires. From savoury delights (think bratwurst hotdogs) through to mulled cider and wine. Not forgetting the sheer volume of choice you’ll get when it comes to sweet treats too. I think I must have put on about 2 stone in 3 days by visiting Bruges. If you’re a beer fan you won’t be disappointed here either. There are plenty of breweries to take a tour around, before sampling some of the goodies afterwards.

Stockholm, Full Stop

I was thinking about one or two places that I could recommend in Stockholm when it comes to food; as somewhere I have visited a few times for work. Then it occurred to me, I have never had a bad plate of food in the Swedish capital. Every single thing I’d been served had been presented amazingly and tasted delicious. It certainly ticks all of the right boxes for foodies. Breakfast is an extremely important meal for the Swedes, so expect a big buffet including everything from pancakes and fry ups, through to reindeer meat and salmon. Being the fussy eater that I am, I circumnavigated Rudolph, but my friend happily tucked in over breakfast. Apparently, it tastes just like venison. The only drawback to eating in Stockholm is the price. With such high taxes, don’t be surprised when a two course meal costs you in excess of £60 per person. The cheapest bottle of wine we found was actually prosecco, and that was just over £30 too. If you’re planning on a foodie trip to Stockholm, I’d suggest saving some pennies first. It will be well worth it, however.

That’s my delectable food journey around (some) of Europe complete, although I probably could have added many more including Fethiye in Turkey and a couple of awesome food markets in London. Until next time!