My Favorite food experience and why I would urge others to try it

One of the main reasons I enjoy travelling so much is that I get to experience food from all over the world. Regardless of where in world I am you can bet that I am paying a lot of attention to the cuisine that they have on offer. I find that the easiest way to learn about a city is through food centered tours as these are a great way to learn about the history, population, culture and cuisine.


Obviously there will always be some cities that offer more food experiences than others and in my humble opinion Seattle really is one of the best. The food scene is already huge although it continues to make progressions in various directions. Here is my most favorite food related experiences that I have given me much pleasure and great delight in this part of the world.

Diane’s Market Kitchen

Diane’s Market Kitchen is the pace to be in terms of a hands on cookery class and with a motto that suggests cooking is a connection of companions in the community to make not only a meal but also a memory it is easy to see why this will bring you so much fun as well as some exquisite food at the end. This unique class uses only locally sourced food and every class is taken in Diane’s kitchen. There are a number of classes on offer which include soups and salads, pastas and secret seafood’s. The price of the class is all inclusive with water and coffee and best still you get to take the recipe away with you!


Food Tour Seattle Food Tours is led by a local resident and the tour comprises of the entire dining experience. The tour takes about three hours and explores the neighborhood of Seattle that is known as Capitol Hill. Each person has the opportunity to sample the highlights of the best dishes in five different restaurants. The foods on the tour include a selection of cured meats, sushi, gelato and a number of the chef’s special choices of the day.

Savor Seattle on the Booze & Bites Tour

This lively tour is takes you through downtown Seattle on foot where you can indulge your taste buds with various appetizers, sumptuous finger foods, cocktails and a number of different wines whilst learning about the history of the food and drink that is on offer in the city. Each person gets to sample six food variations and six different drinks. It is probably a good idea to book a nearby hotel for the night, that way you have no worries on how you will get back to your hotel when you are full of gorgeous foods and plenty of alcoholic refreshments!

Seattle Bites Seattle

Bites is a fabulous food and history tour that is taken on foot through the famous Pike Place Market. This is a great opportunity to meet with the people at the heart of the cuisine and enter the shops that make up the hub of said food scene. Seattle Bites is described as a food tasting that is a big, delicious mix of sweet and savory that is more than just one bite. This is a really worthwhile tour that delivers an incredible experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Eat Seattle

Eat Seattle is a farm to table class that will see you spending the entire afternoon in Seattle where a local chef who will guide you through the Pike Place Market offering tips and advice as you buy all of the ingredients that you will need for the class. You will then head back to the Atrium kitchen, to use all of the ingredients to prepare and eat a luxurious three course meal whilst also learning all about the history of food in Seattle.

The Chocolate Box

No matter where you are in the world chocolate remains a firm favorite close to everyone’s hearts. If you have a real penchant for chocolate, then all things chocolate is an experience that you simply cannot afford to miss. The Chocolate Box is the place for everything chocolate related and visitors have the choice to try their hand at making chocolate truffles, making good old chocolate or even indulging in a wine and chocolate experience. Each of the different classes begin with a few hours in which the guests are educated on the history and process of the wine and chocolate industry, before they are let loose on the reason they have chosen the class, the chocolate!

These are just some of the food experiences that are on offer in Seattle, however these are the delights that I truly urge you to give a go when you find yourself in the area.