Pictures Girls Must Stop Posting in order to be respected

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are constantly FILLED with the same kind of pictures from girls all around the world. Please stop posting the following pictures if you want to gain a little respect for yourself.


I understand that the sunset is a beautiful view and a calming site to see. However, the reason you share the picture is to just show people that you were “experiencing” that moment when in reality you were more worried about getting a good shot.


Next time, experience the moment and share your thoughts after.

Showing Your Legs

Your legs may look good laying there on the beach, but that is only because of the filter you are using.



I understand that you are trying to frame with your legs the perfect shot that will land you a ton of likes but how about you just soak up the sun and relax.


Do you fail to see that alcohol is a major problem for people all around the world? It’s ok to have some drinks and have fun but be careful where you put your pride here.



You are not cool for drinking alcohol every weekend so stop trying to make it seem that way and take care of your liver!

Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Fashion is indeed a popular hobby and has certain uniqueness to it but you are destroying the fashion concept by dressing up like every other girl every day.


If you aren’t trying to give a statement with your outfit and you are only trying to look hot then you aren’t being fashionable at all.


This epidemic has blown up so hard that a song regarding the issue has reached the top of the charts. To be fair, the angle at which selfies are taken is considered to be the best angle someone could possibly take to make a good photo.


In the end, the trend is extremely vain and is getting a lot of bad reputation.

Text Conversations

The text conversations between you and your boyfriend should be kept a secret. What you and him talk about is no one’s business and don’t try to make it so. Most of the conversations I’ve seen are very boring anyways.

Go out and spend more time with your friends rather than posting about what you talk about.

Plane Wings

Traveling is one of the most amazing and self-fulfilling adventures anyone could ever embark on. Just be sure to share more pictures of the actual destination rather than the “luxuries” of an airplane.


There’s really not much to see when you share these kinds of pictures other than the fact that you are “higher” than everyone else.


All you have to do is look up and you’ll see all kinds of them. Why would you think that someone would want to see the clouds in your pictures when they could see them right outside their home?


Spend more time looking at the clouds rather than taking pictures of them.

Mirror Pictures

I’ve come to believe that girls will take these pictures because they have no one else to take it for them. Keep in mind that most of these pictures are taken in a bathroom that will give you most of the time a horrible background.


How about you find a partner, a good background and a friendly stranger to take the picture for you?

Feet in the Sand

This at first had quite an artistic feel to it. It gave a sense of calmness and serenity, but now since every girl and their mothers are doing it, it’s been starting to get a bad reputation.


Remember, striving for uniqueness will separate you from the pack and gain you more respect.

Fortune Cookie

These are quotes you get from your cheap Chinese take-out from around the corner. Do you really feel proud for putting faith into a quote that was literally thought up and typed in 2 seconds?


They are a little entertaining to read but please don’t take them seriously.

Coffee Artwork

Coffee used to be a Simple Joe’s drink and has evolved into a very lucrative and vain business. Apart from spending a lot on a drink that is extremely cheap to acquire, you also look extremely silly taking a picture of a design that will disappear within 5 seconds.


Some of the art are quite interesting but it’s starting to go too far.


Fireworks have been a show of lights and entertainment since ancient China. Some firework shows are so eye-catching that they gain international spotlight. If you are lucky enough to be able to view fireworks please don’t waste your time getting your phone and trying to get a good shot rather than enjoying the show!


You are telling your followers that you care more about their attention than the beautiful view.

Holding Hands

A happy relationship with your boyfriend should be shared among the both of you. Show your friends that you are happy with your boyfriend by actually being happy with him!


Don’t try to fake it with a picture just to get the attention from your friends and possibly other guys.

Your Eye

I understand doing your eye make-up takes a lot of work and some ladies spend an enormous amount of time just to get it right.


To be fair, it can be considered an art on some level but at the end of the day you are posting for vain reasons and not artistic ones.

While Driving your Car

This is probably the most disrespectful and dangerous thing any of you girls could ever do. Car accidents cause a huge amount of deaths all around the world and to know that you are putting others in danger just for your vain needs is unacceptable.


Keep your eyes on the road and save the pictures for later

Gym Selfie

This is a special kind of selfie. You are hiding your borderline sexual pictures under the fact that you are trying to promote health and dedication. Most girls already dress quite inappropriate for the gym and by sharing these pictures, you only promote this behavior.


Let others notice your progress and don’t show it off.


There’s a popular joke going around that white girls love Starbucks. But to be honest, it’s all girls. These drinks are sugar-filled and extremely unhealthy apart from being quite expensive.


These drinks are all for the show and you are setting yourself up for some major disrespect by sharing pictures of you sipping on your Venti Iced Chocolate Mocha.

The Body with No Head Picture

Girls are sexualizing themselves by posting these pictures. Don’t put focus on your ass and tits if you don’t want guys disrespecting you. Back in the day, beauty was highly judged by facial features and ways of carrying yourself.


Keep in mind that being beautiful compared to being sexy are two very different concepts with the former gaining a lot more respect than the latter.


Some quotes are quite inspirational and can really motivate you to get work done. However, the only reason you are posting a quote is to show off your “intellect” to your friends. Many of the people who post these quotes are actually the exact opposite of what the quote actually says.


Don’t be a hypocrite.


This one is in a gray area because a lot of nail artwork is actually quite artistic and can be very detailed. However, this falls under the same category as make-up. It may be considered artwork but you are posting for the wrong reasons.


Get yourself a nice manicure and let others notice your nails instead of you shoving your hands in their face.