21 Astounding Images of Incredible People in History

They are some of the most incredible people in history, and yet, these are some of the rarest photographs you will witness of them. For 21 astounding images of the most remarkable people to ever exist, read on.

Goldie Hawn

American actress and all round icon Goldie Hawn demonstrates her natural beauty in this black and white image from 1964. With short hair and burger in hand, the rare image portrays Goldie as the ultimate American girl next door.


While she may not act as much these days, the mother and sometime singer was only 19 when this photograph was captured.

Maurice Tillet

In this 1945 photograph, French wrestler Maurice Tillet and supermodel Dorian Leigh boast two contrasting figures.

Maurice Tillet

Tillet, who was known as “The French Angel” was rumored to be the inspiration behind the character of Shrek. Interestingly, Tillet was a box office star during the 1940´s.

Lynda Carter

Famous for playing Wonder Woman, actress Lynda Carter shows her sexy side in this rare image from the 1970´s. The brunette bombshell wearing jeans and a low cut top was clearly trying to please her hoard of many male admirers.


Though, we´re sure her female fans would want to copy this beautiful, alluring look.

Gary Busey

He may be more famous for appearing on reality television these days, however, back in 1978, Busey appeared in this snap.


Boasting guitar in hand and rock singer look, Busey´s movie credits include The Firm, Point Break, and Lethal Weapon.

Debbie Harry

Blondie singer Debbie Harry is pictured in this 1976 photograph in a sexy camisole dress. Her blonde hair and black eyeliner is still as iconic today as it was in the seventies.



Perched on the edge of the top of a building with beverage in hand, it͛s no wonder Harry has always been seen as the edgy rock chick.

Grace Kelly

This rare image of beautiful, iconic actress Grace Kelly shows her on vacation in Jamaica. Sat on a striped beach towel, head in hand, sporting a white bikini, this 1955 photograph displays Grace Kelly´s natural beauty.


The year after this image was captured, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Clint Eastwood

The well-known actor and director Clint Eastwood demonstrates his skateboarding skills in this 1964 photograph. Riding through the street of Rome, Eastwood´s movie star looks are even apparent in this old black and white image.


Famous for movies Dirty Harry and the TV show Rawhide, it seems there͛s nothing Eastwood can’t do!

Sigourney Weaver

Pictured in 1983, eating a hot dog, actress Sigourney Weaver seems like the average American in this black and white snap.



The well-known actress, famous for starring in Alien, and having a small part in Annie Hall was just 34 in this throwback image.

Jodie Foster

Former child star Jodie Foster is pictured on the set of Taxi Driver in this rare photo. The image taken in 1976 shows an unrecognizable Foster hanging out on set, boasting a white sun hat and cute two piece summer outfit.


The then 14 year old star wasn͛t a stranger to movies or television as she͛d already starred in a variety of projects, including Paper Moon and The Partridge Family.

Peter Dinklage

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage in no stranger to appearing in photographs. However, he may want to forget this black and white snap. This high school photo from 1987 shows an unrecognizable Dinklage without his famous beard.

Peter Dinklage Quotes-8

The American actor has appeared in several projects, including X-Men and Pixels.

Bruce Lee

This photograph from the late 1960´s shows the martial art expert and actor with a full beard. One of the greatest icons in cinema, Lee died just a few years after this black and white image was taken.


Lee starred in many films, including Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss and Fist of Fury.

Bob Marley

Music icon Bob Marley hangs with former Miss World Cindy Breakspeare in this 1976 image.


The beach photo captures Breakspeare gazing adoringly at Marley, who is wearing his trademark beanie hat and dreads. Marley passed on in 1981.

Dona Drake

Actress, dancer and singer Dona Drake is seen in this rare 1930´s image in a small tub filled with fruit. The cute image was likely to be viewed as provocative at the time, but Drakes natural beauty is reminiscent of that era.


Appearing in films, such as Kansas City Confidential and Road to Morocco, Drake was an African-American.

Marilyn Monroe

Possibly the most famous blonde of all time, American actress Marilyn Monroe is an icon to many. Pictured here in 1938, this black and white rare photograph shows Monroe at just 12 years old.


Even at that age, Monroe showed her potential as a star, wearing a cute bikini on the beach.

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner

This 1946 photo of Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner clearly shows their acrobat abilities. Lancaster lies on the beach, holding up the beautiful Garner by her feet.


Smiling Ava was surely having fun in her adorable white playsuit.

Audrey Hepburn

Charming actress Audrey Hepburn sits on a large frog in this rare black and white image. Captured in the 1960´s, Hepburn would have been in her 30´s in the snap.


Despite this, the youthful looking actress seen in shorts and striped tee, has always looked stunning, even on a casual day.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson has always been somewhat of a ladies man, but in this 1953 photo, Nicholson appears with Nancy Smith at senior prom. Despite being in his teens, Nicholson´s facial features are still reminiscent of the actor today.


Dressed in a suit, with Smith sporting a ball gown, the cute high school photo is one of the rarest of Nicholson.

Jimmy Page

The Led Zeppelin performer and incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page is seen on stage in this black and white image.


Taken in 1972, the Englishman look every inch the seventies rock star, with long hair and slightly open shirt.

Mae West

Pictured in 1930, this old photograph of Mae West shows her striking long blond hair, flowing against her porcelain complexion.

Mae West diabetes

Wearing a lace gown and exquisite diamonds, West was an actress, sex symbol and singer.


Is there anyone more iconic than Elvis? The American singer and actor is shown here in 1956 at his first recording session in Nashville for RCA Victor. Sat on a chair, armed with a guitar, Elvis Presley´s famous good looks are apparent in this early snap.


The King of Rock and Roll is still considered as one of the biggest recording artists on the planet.

Helen Keller

Photographed meeting Grace Coolidge in 1926, this rare image of the American author and activist and the wife of Calvin Coolidge; the 30th president of the USA shows their playful side.


Even though they were two powerful women in history, it͛s interesting to view a slightly different side to their nature.