JetSmarter Wants To Become Uber For Private Jets

JetSmarter looks set to become the new and emerging private jet company globally. They have enjoyed a lot of investment in the past few years. The company is looking at using the funding for global expansion, branching into Asia and Latin America. JetSmarter is looking to build a successful market for private jet services. Basically, members will sign up to their exclusive membership program, where they pay $15,000 and must undergo a background check.


The idea of the service is that people can enjoy luxury travel wherever they live and whenever they wish. JetSmarter already has a dedicated membership in the US, and they are looking to branch out. Members will get to enjoy a wide range of free flights, but will also have to pay for non-members to play too.

JetSmarter looks set to become the Uber of private jets, and they have already enjoyed investment from the Saudi Arabia royal family, and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. This makes sense, as you can imagine they are the sorts of people who would use this sort of service on a regular basis.

The company is beginning to grow and expand and saw even further investment in this latest round. JetEdge, an Abu Dhabi-based company, and KZ Capital in London have both been cited as new investors in the business.

JetSmarter is looking to expand and add to its global markets. Currently, the service is available in 50 markets across the globe. These include New York, Chicago, Milan, London, Las Vegas, Paris and, Moscow. And, CEO Sergey Petrossov has spoken of the desire to be active in 80 to 100 markets by the year 2017. He is also quoted as saying that he wants the business to connect more US cities as well. He obviously has big plans for the business, and these are helped by the attention to detail the business provides.

Many companies have found it difficult to succeed in the private aviation market. Indeed, companies like BlackJet have failed to take off (pun intended). But JetSmarter seems to have developed a different approach to the process. Petrossov detailed how they “study algorithms and use maps to source supply and demand.” He has also talked about the plan to make flying more entertaining and enjoyable again. There are plans to offer customers as little as $1 per mile for shorter flights, and this represents another exciting future direction for the business.

You might have heard that they are not the sort of business you would expect. And that’s because JetSmarter does not actually own any planes themselves. Instead, much like Uber, they hire and maintain planes, train pilots, and work with operators to ensure that safety and quality are priorities. This has led to their increase in popularity and the fact that they are developing so rapidly.