My 3 Favorite Ted Talks Of All Time And Why Everyone Should See Them

Everyone knows that Ted Talks are one of the best educational and inspiring forms of media that is out there. From thousands of talks, a few stand out as exceptional, for one reason or another. Here are 3 of the best Ted Talks out there that everyone should watch at least once.


The Surprising Science Of Happiness – Dan Gilbert

One of my top interests is human psychology. So when I heard that Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert had given a talk about happiness on Ted, I knew it would be great. In this talk, Gilbert shares his view on how our mind affects our feelings and beliefs on happiness. Not only does he help shape our understanding, but shows how to actually synthesize happiness, a useful tool for many of us. The original talk was filmed in 2004, and many of his points are still very significant today. Why you should watch it? Well it’s quite simple, this Ted Talk will help you understand the scientific basis for your happiness and maybe even ways to improve it. Now who wouldn’t want that?

How Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson

This poignant Ted Talk subject is something that strikes close to home for many people. Sir Ken Robinson lays out the facts, schools actually kill creativity. Most of us have probably wondered why the school system is so unfair to children that don’t fit into the normal way of learning and in this Ted Talk, it becomes clearer how children are boxed into thinking robots. One of the most interesting things picked up in this talk was that the school systems are not adapting to our societal needs as we develop, leaving huge gaps of learning for many kids around the world. Robinson has a great way of discussing an important subject, with a light of air too, making this Ted Talk a must watch.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Amy Cuddy

If you work in any place that involves other people, this fantastic body language Ted Talk is an essential watch. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, explains how the use of body language can actually be a very direct revelation of personality and identity. What is so interesting about this talk is that once you start understanding body language, you are actually understanding people, and with this comes a lot of power. Using her own research, Cuddy pulls scientific and personal explanations of body language, actually helping you increase your confidence and teaching you how to ‘fake it till you become it’: one of the best quotes in the talk.