The country I enjoyed the most and why you should visit or not

There  is  one  country  that  has  me  returning  time  and  time  again,  and  this is  Greece. Although  Greece  has  been  in  the  news  recently  for  some  particularly  unpleasant reasons  I  would urge  you  to  really  think  about  making  this your holiday  destination this  year.  It  is  true  to  say  that  Greece  has  undergone  a  severe  economic  crisis,  with the majority of people experiencing difficult times and it is fair to say that things are not  set  to  change  that  quickly.  So  you  would be  right  to  think  about  whether  this  is the right time for you to visit the country, however I would urge you not to be too put off by what you may see or hear in the news.


Greece relies heavily on tourism as it is a key sector of its economy and therefore it is important  that  you  know  of  the  opportunities  that  this  wonderful  country  has  to offer.  In  this  time  of  need,  tourists  should  be  encouraged  to visit  Greece  and  the economic  climate  should  certainly  not  put  you  off,  in  fact  you  will  be  pleasantly surprised  at  the  hearty  welcome  you  will  receive  and  the  ongoing  problems  will  not affect your experience and stay.

The  most  undesirable  reason  that  you  may  find  is  putting  you off  visiting  Greece would be the riots that seem to dominate the news, however these are the exception and  certainly  not  a  normal  occurrence  with  any  demonstrations  remaining  totally peaceful.  Look  back  to  the  London  riots  of  2011  and  the  fact  that  Germany  and France  have  both  experienced  similar  issues,  but  has  this  stopped you  from  visiting these countries or any area of them?

Travel  experiences  and  quality  of  what  is  on  offer  in  Greece  remains  unchanged  as does  the  fabulous  Greek  hospitality,  if  anything  you  may be  made  even  more welcome.  The  main  things  that  you  will  need  to  weigh  up  is  the  potential  of  strikes that  may  lead  to  delays  and  temporary  suspension  to  certain public  services  and there may even be some attractions that are closed. However, these problems usually avoid  the  main  travel  season.  My  suggestion would  be  to  have  a degree  of  flexibility with your plans if possible and then you should not experience any problems.

Once  you have  decided  that  you  will  venture  to  Greece  you  will  certainly notice  that in  comparison  to  similar  destinations  such  as  Bulgaria,  Turkey  and  Tunisia,  Greek travel   has   so   much   more   to   offer   including   better   quality,   more   choices   of destination, unique experiences and it is this type of variety that are some of the most rewarding aspects of visiting Greece.

With the vast array of things that you can see and do in Greece coupled with the fact that the Greeks are a very child friendly race, it stands to reason why Greece is the ideal destination for a family holiday regardless of the age of the children. The spectacular beauty from the wooded mainland to the picturesque islands, snow-capped mountains to the idyllic beaches coupled with the fact that Greece is a country that can accommodate all types of travellers and in an array of settings is also a true highlight of this superb country. With authentic traditions to a rich mixture of varied attractions is the real essence of Greece and one that you are sure to enjoy.

The cuisine of Greece is really underestimated and in reality you will find it to be very varied and constitutes local fresh produce, and you are more likely to be amazed as the choices are far more than just olive oil and feta cheese and include caviar and sweet almond milks.

Prospective travellers are by no means limited to the holiday bargains that are currently on offer in this beautiful country and the real bargain is the opportunity that visitors are offered in terms of rich rewarding memorable experiences, and the truly unique experience that can only be found in Greece and its individual regions. There are a number of places that you could start with when discovering the real Greece. Whether you start at the ancient super city of Athens, which is one of the spiritual homes to the western civilisation as well as the spectacular Byzantine and Roman structures that can be found in Thessaloniki, the stunning medieval city of Rhodes, the bronze age present in Mycenae and the mountain villages in Crete. This is without the numerous stunning sandy beaches that stretch along the 8,700 miles of coastland.

With this in mind where would your Greek holiday experience take you? There really is just one way to find out and this is to make Greece your next holiday destination and embark on your own personal voyage of discovery and exploration, take you time and seek out your own unique experiences, as I certainly don’t think you will regret it.