The 17 Longest Flights You Can Take

Everyone hates flying on long flights but it is something that we all must do sometimes. While most long flights are about 6 or 7 hours, there are a few of them that can be over 15 hours. Here is our list of the 17 Longest Flights You Can Take.

New York City to Johannesburg

Coming in at 17th place is the flight from New York City to Johannesburg South Africa with a flight distance of 7,982 nautical miles. The only flight along this route is South African Airways flight 204.


A fun fact about this flight is that the return flight sometimes stops in Dakar Senegal.

New York City to Guangzhou

Guangzhou is sometimes considered to be a suburb of Shanghai, if it’s a suburb, it’s a pretty big one with a population of over 11 million people.


China Southern Flight 300 takes about 14 hours of flying time, and covers a distance of about 7,998 Nautical miles.

Dubai to Dallas

The flight from Dubai to Dallas is likely one of the most interesting flights in the world given the destinations. Things are supersized in both Dubai and Texas.

Emirates 777-300ER Air to Air

With that being said, the route is flown only by the airline Emirates, and has a distance of 8,036 nautical miles and, and takes 15 hours and 17 minutes to complete.

Doha to Houston

Qatari flight 713 connects Doha with Houston, two of the biggest oil cities in the world. It takes 15 hours and 47 minutes, and covers a distance of over 8,045 miles, which makes it the 14th longest flight in the world.


Qatar Airways is also considered to be one of the best in the world.

Newark to Hong Kong

Another long flight, United Airlines Flight 179 is a non-stop flight between Newark International Airport, and Hong Kong. The flight is only 8,062 nautical miles, but it still takes a long 15 hours and 38 minutes to get to Hong Kong.



At the very least, modern planes have good entertainment systems to help you pass the time.

Abu Dhabi to Dallas

Another oil flight, Etihad Airlines flight 161 flies non-stop between Dallas and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.


Etihad is one of the best airlines in the world, but the flight is still a long 8,068 miles and takes 14 hours and 10 minutes.

New York to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific flight 831 connects 2 of the world’s greatest cities, New York City, and Hong Kong. Since both of these cities are 8,068 miles apart, it’s not really surprising that the flight takes a long 14 hours and 39 minutes.


At the very least, travelers should be happy to know that Cathay Pacific has a great entertainment system.

Dubai to San Francisco

Emirates flight 225 is a non-stop flight connecting Dubai and San Francisco. It is a long flight with a distance of 8,099 miles and a normal flight time of 15 hours and 37 minutes, but travelers will be able to enjoy Emirates famed hospitality.


Dallas to Hong Kong

Another interesting flight, American Airlines flight 137 is a non-stop flight from Dallas to Hong Kong. Ranking in at number 9 on this list, flight 137 takes about 15 hours and 8 minutes, and covers a distance of about 8,118 miles, given its long duration; it probably isn’t too pleasant to sit through.


Abu Dhabi to San Francisco

Another flight from the UAE to San Francisco, Etihad flight 183 takes roughly 15 hours and 13 minutes to go from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco.


We don’t really know why this flight is operated, but the distance between the two cities is 8,154 miles.

Dubai to Houston

A flight that connects 2 oil cities, Emirates flight 211 connects Dubai in the UAE with Houston Texas. Unsurprisingly a lot of oilmen use this flight.


The flying time takes about 16 hours and 19 minutes, and the distance is about 8,164 miles between the 2 cities.

Jeddah to Los Angeles

Saudia flight 41 is the nonstop flight between Jeddah and Los Angeles. The distance is about 8,329 miles, and the flying time is roughly 15 hours and 56 minutes.


This flight is normally packed with rich Saudi’s heading to spend their hard earned oil money in the City of Angels.

Dubai to Los Angeles

Yet another flight that connects Dubai with the rest of the world, flight 215 connects Dubai with Los Angeles and covers a distance of about 8,335 miles.


Unsurprisingly flight time is about 15 hours each way, but this isn’t a problem since Emirates is one of the best airlines in the world.

Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles

Flying between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles, Etihad flight 171 takes around 15 hours and 40 minutes, and covers a distance of 8,387 miles.


It is a long but comfortable flight, as all travelers with Etihad are well cared for, and their in flight entertainment system is considered second to none.

Johannesburg to Atlanta

Considered to be the 3rd longest flight in the world, Delta Airlines flight 201 covers about 8,449 miles going between Johannesburg and Atlanta.



It also takes around 16 hours and 40 minutes. All we can really say is that it’s a really long flight to sit through.

Dallas to Sydney

Our last flight going out of Dallas, Quantas flight 8 connects Sydney Australia with Dallas Texas, it is the 2nd longest flight in the world and covers a distance of about 8,589 miles.


It can’t a big surprised that the flight takes over 16 hours.

Dubai to Panama City

Our longest flight on the list, Emirates’ flight between Dubai and Panama City takes a staggering 17 hours and 35 minutes, and covers a distance of over 8,550 miles.


This is the longest flight in the world and one that is probably very hard to sit through.